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Our faith in humanity is challenged on a daily basis, along with many underlying questions on subjects such as integration of men and women in their society, cultural identities, religious identities, extremism, art, money, politics, etc.


After Charlie Hebdo terrorist attacks in Paris, Nabila and Fred started to ask some questions about religions and cultural identities around them. Most of the people could not really answer them, what Islam is about, what a religion is, what the different cultures were.


This lack of knowledge and education is not only experienced in France but is a global problem. According to Pewforum, 84% of the world population believe in a religion. Each of us brings in his/her own cultural identity. 


We are in need for a tool to understand each other better: a factual and multimedia education tool on cultural identities and religious identities. Factual, because it is nowadays easy to tell fake stories. That is why we have decided to work with scholars and experts from the beginning. 


This is how FAITH THE PROJECT was created in 2015 with four main missions being DOCUMENTATION, EDUCATION, PROTECTION and PROMOTION.


Education is for us the only viable answer to indoctrination, fanaticism and violence. By knowing and understanding each other, respect and intercultural dialogue can be enhanced.  

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